Spring airs in the novelties of Ikea this January

Spring airs in the novelties of Ikea this January

Even though we are in the middle of a long dark winter, thes news from Ikea this January they already remind us that spring is near. A novelty that thanks to the materials and the lightness of its patterns are like fresh air in the home.

These novelties include a preview of the new and long-awaited collaboration of Ilse Crawford, -the second of the well-known designer for Ikea-; the cushion covers handwoven by artisans at the Jordan River Foundation and inspired by abstract and expressive works of Hilma ad Klint and other items made from natural materials and fibers including birch, bamboo and cotton.

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Designer Ilse Crawford

The Clean, sculptural Scandinavian design largely defines the collection, which includes two pendant lamps and some eye-catching everyday items like Aaron Probyn’s stylish mirror or the most elegant laundry basket.

The details in view in the SÖDÅKRA lamp

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Made with birch and inspired by the shapes of nature – its overlapping components are designed to resemble clouds – this new pendant lamp combines organic and sustainable materials with a Scandinavian design. This lamp is also an exercise in honesty because it reveals the details of its assembly. In them the bolts that join the layers of birch are part of the design.

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Product designer Monika Mulder explains that “I wanted the lamp to be a small work of graphic art, created with natural materials”. The result is a flat-packed lamp with a unique design that is stylish and rustic that radiates a warm and soft light.

It will be ideal to illuminate entire rooms, in addition to offering direct light on more specific spaces such as the dining table.

The KONSTFULL vases by Ilse Crawford

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Vases are becoming the “new cushions”. This is, a complement with which to include new colors and textures in any room. In this case, the designer Ilse Crawford and her design studio, StudioIlse, have created a new family of vases for Ikea in various shapes and sizes. Created with recovered glass and using the blowing technique by master craftsmen, These vases will not go unnoticed, not even empty. What distinguishes them is their organic touch that varies in terms of quality and surface texture. Some are smooth and clear, others are matte and opaque or frosted, while others have air bubbles that got trapped in the glass.

“As designers, we approach sustainability not only from the improvement of materials and processes, but also from longevity. Create articles that are beautiful and of good quality, that people want to keep”. Ilse Crawford points out in relation to this series.

The taste and value of detail applied to the design is well explained in the design of the vase with spiral grooves in the base, so that the stems can be separated evenly.

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BRUNBÄR flower pots

Also says”year of Ilse Crawford, this new terracotta pot, with dish for the outside is an everyday item made exceptional. Available in two different sizes, it combines classic earthenware with the smooth, clean contours of Scandinavian design.

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The seductive pastel works of Swedish artist Hilma af Klint are the inspiration for these funny cushion covers designed by Akanksha Deo. In two different designs – ÄNGSMÄTARE with rainbow circles and MANDELPIL with an abstract facial motif – they are much more than just pretty spring accessories, they also create jobs. Its precious patterns have been handwoven by artisans from the Jordan River Foundation, a non-profit non-governmental organization that provides long-term livelihoods for artisans, Syrian refugee women and local Jordanian women. The covers are made with 100% cotton from sustainable sources. Ikea has been collaborating with the Jordan River Foundation (JRF) since 2017 to create and develop textile items together with local women and refugees from Jordan. In this collection the novelty is that each cushion Include the initials of the woman who did it. “The initials on the cushion covers give a nice personal touch and allow the artisans to feel a certain bond with what they do. In addition, it offers the customer an added value: the signature of the woman who made it, who is now in your house”says Akanksha Deo, Ikea’s in-house designer.

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When conceiving this collection Akanksha wanted the artisans could enjoy weaving. For that reason, she chose patterns with simple, organic shapes and embroidery that could vary. “In the case of the ÄNGSMÄTARE print, the embroidery woven around the circles is different on each cover” Akanksha explains. “It is a very hidden detail, but each client receives a different one. It’s a nice way to take care of the people who create them, since the design is easier and more fun to do, but also to offer something more to the customer than the purchase “

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KALLFRONT, the most sculptural ceiling lamp

This lamp is spectacular not only for its voluminous and sculptural shape but also because packed flat.

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Thanks to its elegant lines and its surprising sculptural shape, this lamp is a work of exquisite design that will transform the energy of any room. “With small components and in a small package, we have tried to create something great and exciting for the home, and we have succeeded.”says designer Hanna Kaarina Heikkilä.

Thanks to its undulating metallic shape, KALLFRONT creates a dramatic play of light and shadow. Light cascades from the center and through the flowing arches to create poetic effects on the walls of the living room, dining room or hallway.

STOLTHET, the cutting board that all kitchens (especially small ones) need

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This cutting board, made from 100% bamboo, is inspired by the French culinary term “mise en place”, which means “everything in its place”. The ingenious thing is that it has a space under the table, designed so that while it is being used, you can pour its contents into a container. In fact, it has just the right space for the Ikea 365+ glass bowl.

Besides its practical aspect, bamboo can be washed and is a renewable and durable material.

The GRANVÅG mirror

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The new wall mirror from Ikea has a clear retro inspiration. With metal frame, It is available in two sizes and is available in pink or green. It is one of those two-in-one items because on its bottom rail you can hang small objects (jewelry, scarves …).

With its clean lines, smooth curvature, and conspicuous use of negative space, this dual-function Aaron Probyn mirror is a beautiful decorative item to brighten up your walls.

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SALUDING, the most elegant and sustainable laundry basket

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Sustainable, elegant and practical, the new Ikea laundry basket has a capacity to hold up to 50 liters of clothes and is made only with bamboo woven by master artisans. With natural variations in shape and color, each basket is a unique work of art: No two are the same.

Its lid is especially attractive thanks to its intricate weave design that pays homage to traditional craftsmanship and makes the most everyday items into objects worthy of recognition.

A nice touch: Its small legs allow it to be kept in the bathroom without absorbing moisture.

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KNOPARE, the funniest wall hanger

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Made from 90% recycled materials, used nets and ropes that have been reclaimed by fishermen in Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, Greenland, the Faroe Islands and the UK. This extravagant household accessory is an amazing example of how waste can have a second life and create new items. It is the ideal accessory for those people who enjoy that their decoration has an interesting story to tell, especially one that helps the environment. Easy to attach to the wall, with a compact shape to bring order to small spaces, the KNOPARE hook will keep your home in order this spring.

Two details: “The shape of the hook, which looks like a boat, is directly linked to the origin of the material. It is made with recycled material that comes from old fishermen’s nets and ropes” according to Imma Bermudez. The second detail is that it is again a design by the Valencian designer Inma Bermúdez.

The funniest crib bedding

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TROLLDOM is the new collection of animal print children’s bed designed by the Swedish artist Malin Gyllensvaan, known for her fanciful illustrations inspired by the natural world and vintage botanical studies. This adorable textile collection is the perfect way to renew your little one’s crib for spring. Made with a soft blend of cotton from more sustainable sources and moisture-wicking viscose material, it is natural and gentle on baby’s skin, ensuring sweet dreams all night long. Safety is a priority which is why the duvet cover zipper comes with a pull tab.

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