This year Splash damage is celebrating its 20th anniversary developing videogames and currently has a new project on its hands. From what it has dropped on its official website it is a completely new title that will be set in a sci-fi universe.

The creators of Brink, Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory or Gears Tactics, among other games, have claimed to be looking forward to give life to your own and original IP on which only the image that you see accompanying these lines has been shown, nothing more.

Faced with this situation Splash Damage you need to expand the ranks of your team. That is why you need to hire more employees who will occupy positions such as art director, design director, lighting artists, animators, tool programmers and many other positions that you can consult by clicking here.

For the moment, it will be time to wait until you get to know more details about what Splash Damage is up to. At least for the main image of the ad, in which it appears an astronaut on the surface of a planet, we can get an idea.