Sony confirms plans for more Ghostbusters sequels

Sony confirms plans for more Ghostbusters sequels

Good news from sony picturesespecially for all the fans who Ghostbusters has around the world, and it is that this popular franchise will give us more movies, according to an executive within the company, since he mentions that they have committed to make more movies of Ghostbustersafter the success of Ghostbusters: Beyondwhere the director Jason Reitman picked up the franchise baton from his late father Ivan Reitmannbeing chosen to lead Ghostbusters: Beyond from 2021 and reviving the franchise in the process.

Now the president of Sony, Tom Rothmannsees the value of successful franchises, whether they’re superheroes or spider-man either Once upon a time…in Hollywoodand with Ghostbustershas a dedicated fan base that wants to see more stories set in that universe, and Rothmann confirmed that they will do it with more sequels of the franchise that are on the way and that we will be able to enjoy in theaters in the future.

So, on the subject, during a recent interview with RothmannDeadline asked if sony pictures plans to make more movies Ghostbusters: “Yes, we will do it”answered. “We have a lot of franchise universes to operate with, but since I have Deadline here, I mean, and please include this, okay? Not all of that. There will be: Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood and Little Women this summer, we have Bullet Train , by David Leitch, with Brad Pitt, a rock ’em, pure original action stocking, R-rated, adult flick where locusts sing, a best-seller with an up-and-coming actress, Daisy Edgar Jones, for women I think absolutely that women will return to the box office.

Sony also announced Venom 3 Y Ghostbusters 4 during your presentation CinemaCon last April, it was there that they talked a little more about their upcoming plans, after revealing some images from movies like Bullet Train, The Woman King Y Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verseso Sony shared a preview of other things to come in the next few years, including title cards for Venom 3 and a sequel to Ghostbusters: Afterlifewhich will end up being the fourth film in that franchise.

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In addition, the study also used CinemaCon to show its commitment to theatrical releases, with the president of worldwide marketing, Josh Greensteinspecifically mentioning the success of Ghostbusters and recent movies Marvelas well as Spider-Man: No Way Home that lasted 88 days in theaters, are a good reference to continue working in the same way, and that is, unlike some of the other big studios, Sony does not have its own direct streaming service.

As is the case with Disney, Warner Bros., NBCUniversal Y paramount have used their streaming services for day-and-date releases, shorter theater windows, and streaming-exclusive releases of their movies, so Sony has sent a couple of films, like The Mitchells vs. the machinesa Netflix for an exclusive debut, but it seems that it will not be a commonly used option in the future.