Sonic Frontiers brings back a fan-favorite character

Sonic Frontiers brings back a fan-favorite character

Sonic the Hedgehog has no shortage of companions to accompany him on his travels, and Sonic Frontiers brings back a fan-favorite character. Thanks to some new details recently revealed, we know that Big the Cat, the lovable fisherman who made his appearance in Sonic Adventure and later appeared numerous times in other games and other media, will be returning. It appears that Big will do what he does best with Sonic, allowing players to fish to access different features of the new Sonic game.

Data search efforts and speculation had suggested that Big could be in the gamebut thanks to some recently revealed details focusing on Sonic Frontiers, we know for sure that this fan-favorite character will be in the game.

SEGA details what’s new in Sonic Frontiers

Sonic Frontiers brings back a fan-favorite character

Big the Cat, this fan-favorite character, was discovered at one point through one of the portals that open in the latest images shown. Big had his fishing rod in hand again and was ready to guide the players in the game’s fishing minigame, which rewards players with tokens as they progress through it. Spending them can reportedly earn various items such as Portal Gear shards, voice journals, Vault Keys, and more.

We already know the duration of Sonic Frontiers

Considering how open Sonic Frontiers is supposed to be and, as mentioned above, the amount of characters in the universe other than Sonic himselfBig is likely to be a fan-favorite character among the many that will be present in the game.

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