Smoked salmon with avocado mousse. Easy, simple and delicious cooking recipe

Smoked salmon with avocado mousse.  Easy, simple and delicious cooking recipe

This bite of smoked salmon with avocado mousse is made so fast and it will seem so delicious that I think it will become part of your favorite entrees. And it is that with a few minutes of elaboration it is achieved a very colorful presentation. In addition, being in individual portions, we can better calculate the quantities according to the diners that we are and prepare an appetizer where we combine this fish and the avocado, which by the way, have always gotten along very well.

The trick to make them round is to find some small coffee cups to be able to make a mold and that we have a better shape. As I prepare them, I leave them in the freezer for those minutes so that they unmold well whole, when I have finished making all of them, I put them in the refrigerator until serving time. In the ingredients you will see that I put a little dill to add to the avocado mousse, in my house they do not like how it tastes so in the step by step it does not take it. I have tried it with it and it seems to me that it gives it a very special flavor, that is why I recommend it.

Cut the avocados in half and with a tablespoon close to the skin remove the meat. Add the cream cheese, the Tabasco, the juice, the salt, the pepper and the chopped dill. Pour all these ingredients into the glass of a blender and Crush just enough to form like a mousse.

Place kitchen plastic wrap inside four round-bottomed coffee wells, cut the salmon in narrower slices and go covering with a layer the well that will make us a mold. Pour the avocado mousse and close with the slices that protruded from the bowl. Put a few minutes in the freezer while we do the following, then go to the fridge until serving time. Unmold on a plate.

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With what to accompany smoked salmon with avocado mousse

This smoked salmon with avocado mousse should be eaten fresh but trying remove it about five minutes before serving from the fridge. To garnish it, you can put a few sprigs of chives or accompany it with a mixture of lettuce seasoned with oil and balsamic vinegar.

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