This Crock-Pot or Slow Cooker Botillo recipe is so simple that I am almost ashamed to tell you how to prepare it. However, as it is so rich and tasty and with the vegetables just right, I have encouraged you to explain how to make it from here.

The botillo it is a meat product typical of León, Asturias and GaliciaThe best known being the botillo del Bierzo, which is a product that has the protection of being a protected geographical indication PGI. In other areas of our country, botillo is called Botelo, butelo or butiello.

The botillo consists of a pork tripe in which they are introduced ribs, tail and other parts of pork such as cheek, shoulder meat, backbone, tongue and lean, which are seasoned with paprika, salt, garlic and other natural spices, Its name, botillo, comes from the Latin term bottle, which means pork tripe.

The traditional elaboration of the botillo consists of a long cooking in which this ingredient is protected wrapping it in a cloth or gauze to prevent the gut from tearing. That is why cooking in Crock Pot is perfect since as there is no cooking or bubbling, the botillo holds perfectly intact.

The elaboration in this utensil is a process as simple as putting all the ingredients in the slow cooker and schedule it to cook them for 8 hours in Low temperature. Then we take it out carefully and already on the table, in front of the diners, we open it.

We prepare the ingredients as follows. We put the botillo in the center of the Crok Pot flanked by two large pieces of cabbage. We add the sausages and we peel the potatoes by cutting them into patches, tearing a little so that during cooking they can release their starch.

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Once we have everything inside the Crock Pot, we add enough water to cover, without exceeding the maximum level mark, a little salt, but not much since the botillo and chorizo ​​already contain salt, and we cover the slow cooker.

We program so that our plate is cook for eight hours on low temperature and we check every now and then to see if it needs more fluid. After that time, the botillo will be ready, being convenient taste the broth to rectify salt if necessary.

Interior Botillo Pakus Futuroblogger Dap

We serve the botillo in a platter, with the other chopped ingredients flanking it and then, already on the table, we open the bottle with a sharp knife so that its delicious content can be seen and is within the reach of diners.

With what to accompany the botillo cooked in Crock Pot

The Botillo cooked in Crock Pot It is traditionally a dish that is served as a single dish since it is quite strong. Serve it with a good bread and prepare a light salad to accompany this dish and prepare the body for a digestion that will appreciate a nap.

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