The new car created by students of the Skoda Vocational School already has a name. It has been dubbed the Skoda Afriq. A project that aims to transform the Skoda Kamiq, an extremely interesting B-segment SUV, into a rally car. Skoda Motorsport also participates in the development.

Students from the Vocational Training School of Skoda They are already working to bring a unique new vehicle to life. A project that is underway and in which a total of 25 apprentices have been involved. It is already an annual tradition. And this new project has just been baptized. Skoda Afriq is the name chosen for the eighth car created by Czech students.

The choice of the name Afriq is not accidental as it refers directly to the legendary Dakar Rally in Africa. One of the toughest and most demanding automobile tests in the world. In addition, we must bear in mind that, as the brand itself recently pointed out, the final objective of this project is none other than transform the Skoda Kamiq into a rally car.

Skoda previews the new Afriq, a student-created rally car

The Skoda Afriq will be a rally car based on the Kamiq SUV

In the design and development process of this new model Skoda Motorsport is also participating. It is the first time in the history of the traditional annual project in which the apprentices have the help of the Skoda sports division. The rally version of the subcompact SUV Kamiq will sport an appearance typical of the vehicles that compete in the aforementioned test.

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In addition to confirming how it will be called, Skoda has unveiled a new sketch in which you can glimpse the design that the new Afriq will wear. A model that measures 4,362 millimeters long and whose 2,649 mm wheelbase. The apprentices are incorporating many new and unusual ideas always under the tutelage of the professionals of the Skoda Vocational School.

Skoda engineers and employees in the areas of Technical Development, Design and Production, are always attentive to the steps taken by the students who are participating. Also, we must not forget about the guys at Skoda Motorsport.

Skoda Afriq - preview
The Skoda Kamiq is used as the basis for the creation of the new Afriq, a unique example

Skoda at the Dakar Rally

This project is also turning the Skoda experience in the Dakar rally. In the 40th edition of the desert rally in 2018, a Kodiaq became the first Skoda in history to participate in this test. Skoda’s largest SUV in Europe was used in South America as a support vehicle for the Czech Barth Racing team. The model, fully standard, surpassed the route of almost 10,000 kilometers through Peru, Bolivia and Argentina.