All the time they fight

Occasional conflict is part of any relationship. However, when this happens all the time and they fail to find common ground, it is a sign that the problem goes beyond what they think.

You are lazy to fight

This is another side of the coin. Perhaps your apathy towards the relationship has already gone so far that you prefer to ignore what is bothering you than confront it.

You feel like you need a break

A relationship, despite its difficulties, should make you feel motivated, supported and loved, not drained. If you feel like you need to take a regular break from your partner, you may not even want to be there.

You fantasize about being single

It’s normal to miss being single from time to time, even in the happiest of relationships. But if you live it fantasizing about an alternate reality in which your partner is not in the picture, perhaps it is time to make it happen.

Your sex life sucks (or doesn’t exist)

No one – absolutely no one – has a porn movie level sex life. There are good moments and bad moments, but if your sex life seems to be on the decline and nobody says anything, perhaps your search for pleasure is no longer through your partner and it is time to rethink things.

No one is looking for help

It is clear that things are wrong, and yet neither you nor your partner are going to therapy, either individual or couples. Or maybe only one of you is doing it. Whatever the case, it is a sign that there is indifference in that relationship.

You are sabotaging your relationship

This usually happens unconsciously, but when we no longer want to be in a place we do everything to be taken out of there. Are you being unfaithful and are you surprised by leaving signs of your actions? Can’t avoid doing all the things your partner is upset about? Watch out.

You avoid your partner

You do everything to not be at home, you schedule meetings at times that were normally for your “quality time as a couple” and you give priority over your partner to everything that crosses your path, simply because you are no longer interested in your relationship or it makes you lazy to come home and face conversations you don’t want to have.

You don’t see your partner in the future

An important part of what makes a lasting partner is the ability to envision a future together. If you no longer do it, either because of the person or because of their different life plans, it is a sign that it no longer makes sense to be there.

You have strong resentments

They’ve been through so much trouble that even if you talk about it, you can’t help but feel resentful about it. As a consequence, you behave horrible with your partner: you don’t seem like anything, you are angry all the time and you have basically become bitter.

You don’t miss her

Or even their presence drains you. You do not feel that you need to spend time with that person, and if you are with them, you want to run away, because you feel as if they take away your energy and the will to live.

You don’t care about their triumphs

Part of what makes a relationship beautiful is being able to share your best moments with someone, and have someone share theirs with you. When you feel that you no longer have the other person, it is an obvious sign of a fracture in the relationship.

No trust

Perhaps there was infidelity or some lie at some point in the relationship. And although they are fixable as long as both are willing to collaborate, it is not always achieved; And if you can’t rebuild that trust, it’s very difficult for your relationship to succeed.

Eye: If any of these points resonated with you and you don’t want to say goodbye to your relationship, there are ways to save it with communication, dedication, and perhaps help from a professional.