Shin Chan’s game confirms its arrival on PS4 and subtitles in Spanish

Shin Chan’s game confirms its arrival on PS4 and subtitles in Spanish


The insistence of the gaming community has ended up paying off once again.

Announced in the Japanese version of a Nintendo Direct from early last year, the Crayon Shin Chan new game that will come to Nintendo Switch in Japan caused a real furor among fans in our country, since the series was a success in Spain and many players today grew up watching Shin Chan. After the enormous insistence of the community, it is confirmed that the Shin Chan game will arrive in Europe for Nintendo Switch and PS4 with Spanish subtitles.

After several rumors about its publication in the West in recent months, it has been the game’s own publisher, Neos Corporation, who has confirmed it through its official Web. Shin-chan: Me and the Summer Vacation Teacher – The Seven Days Endless Journeyofficial name, will arrive simultaneously in Japan, the United States and Europe next august for Nintendo Switch and PS4. You also confirm that you will have subtitles in English, Japanese, German, Spanish and Portuguese.

Crayon Shin-chan key art: Ora to Hakase no Natsuyasumi

This new Shin Chan adventure follows the adventures of Shinnosuke Nohara on his vacation outside of Kasukabe, where, loaded with his new camera, he will meet new characters and explore the fields and mountains of Assou, which hide more than one mystery. Although it will be more mysterious the evil professor.

there will be a multitude of activities with whom to spend the summer and characters to helpaccompanied by that visual style of the Shin Chan series that is transferred to the video game.

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Shin Chan arrives in the West

This Crayon Shin-chan: Ora to Hakase no Natsuyasumi, as it is known in Japan, has been available on Nintendo Switch since last summer and, like the West, coming to PS4 in digital format, although it has been confirmed that it will have a physical edition later. It is not clear, instead if that physical edition will also reach the west or not. In any of the cases, it will be possible to play in Esoaña with subtitles in Spanish, take a look at the latest trailer of this Shin Chan game to see everything that this adventure offers.

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