Sex burns more calories than sport: myth or reality?

Sex burns more calories than sport: myth or reality?

Does sex burn more calories than sport? If we take into account the constant movement of a night of passion, the idea does not sound so crazy to consider it a way of doing cardio. It is surely a question that has ever crossed your mind.

Every new year, millions of us aim to get fit and help our bodies burn the extra calories that were gained during the holidays. And despite the fact that many don’t like sports, there is a pleasant way you can help reduce those extra pounds: have sex.

One of the most famous myths regarding weight loss is that you can burn more calories during an intense session of sex than with traditional exercise. But how true is that claim?

Does sex burn more calories than sport?

Exchanging the suffering of the gym for pleasure as a couple sounds like a phenomenal alternative to get in shape. However, several studies suggest that the myth is nothing more than that. Therefore, no matter how much sex you can have, will not replace the benefits of sport.

A study from the University of Montreal (Canada), led by Professor Antony Karelis, whose objective was to calculate energy expenditure during sex in healthy young couples, concluded that have half an hour of sex represents a caloric expenditure of 69 calories in women and 101 in men.

This caloric difference, according to Professor Karelis in the research, is due to the fact that men weigh more than women on average. On the other hand, in half an hour practicing running about 213 calories are burned in women and 276 in men.

Therefore, the great caloric difference between both types of cardio. With traditional exercise they burn about three times the calories than with a good session of sex.

It should be noted that sexual intercourse does not usually last more than 15 minutes and these results may be higher or lower depending on the intensity. In the words of the experts, sexual activity can be considered an important exercise.

Although sexual activity burns fewer calories than sports, it cannot be considered an exercise.

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The more intensity the better

Although it is false that sex burns more calories than sport, it is true that There are certain variables to burn more calories than usual during a night of passion. As is the case during real sports workouts, postures, intensity, and duration are key.

The same study from the University of Montreal highlights that the person who is at the top during sexual encounters will always be the one with the highest caloric expenditure, due to movement and natural effort. While the person who remains lying down is the one who has a lower expense.

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Therefore, if you want to lose weight with the help of exercise and sex, the most advisable thing is to maintain an active and passionate attitude to incite the body to exert itself a little more than normal. Motionless starfish are forbidden; It is time to be and give prominence to the riders.

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The best positions to burn calories

It is already clear that it is just a myth that sex burns more calories than sport. However, it can represent a significant source of energy. And even more so if the most suitable sexual positions are chosen.

1. The squat is better for them

For half an hour of sex, women can burn 188 calories by practicing squat. This result can be higher if the pace and intensity are increased, losing up to 224 calories. However, the same cannot be said for men, who only burn 50 calories in this position.

2. Doggy style for them

One of the favorite positions for many couples also turns out to be one of those that represents the highest caloric expenditure in half an hour of sex. During the puppy, men can burn up to 188 calories, depending on the speed and intensity. They, meanwhile, burn about 103 calories.

3. Stand up to exercise both

When both people are standing, this is one of the most significant caloric expenditures. In fact, it is one of the most intense positions for men, burning approximately 198 calories; while women burn about 145 calories.

Standing sex burns more calories.
Standing positions burn more calories for both of you, as more effort is required.

Sex doesn’t burn more calories than sport, but it helps

Having an active sexual life, with intense and passionate sessions, can represent a significant caloric intake. However, on average, It is an expense three times less than exercising in the gym, so it is clear that it is false that sex burns more calories than sport.

However, accompanied by an exercise routine and a balanced diet, sex can help reduce measures and burn calories. It is a good supplement to help you lose weight. Just choose your favorite position and enjoy a healthy sex life with your partner.

So if for some reason you can’t play sports for a few days, don’t worry. You can ask your partner for help so that both of you exercise with the homemade and pleasant method so that you do not lose shape until the next visit to the gym.

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