If you remember well, a few months ago a new version landed on the PS5, although at that time it was a beta version only. This update allowed users to use M.2 SSD memories on their PS5, as well as they also applied some improvements and inclusion of features. Now, however, it has been announced that the PS5 will receive its new firmware version. tomorrow September 15, and will be available to all users.

This new update is recognized in the community as “the second major update for PS5”, and it includes a lot of improvements. Among them, we have a More customizable Control Center, resolution selection in PS Now, new system for Trophies, support for M.2 SSD and much more. Here we leave them listed.

Improvements coming with the September 15 update

PS5 console and DualSense controller

User experience improvements

The new version will arrive with improvements in the Control Center, which will allow us to experience greater personalization. The Game Base section will also be updated, allowing players to more easily write to their friends and groups. Now they will appear by separate PS5 and PS4 titles, in case you have the same title on both platforms; as well as the possibility of resuming and pausing the Screen Reader from the command.

Compatibility improvements

This new update of PS5 will allow users to support 3D audio built into the TV speakers. Also, if your headphones are compatible with the Pulse 3D function, you can take advantage of the sound equalization options to adapt them to your liking. Of course, the M.2 SSD storage support, of which Sony has already detailed the requirements to be able to work on PS5.

Game experience enhancements

One of the most interesting improvements is the inclusion of a resolution selector in PS Now, which will now allow us to select between 720p and 1080p. There will also be a new way to track our trophies, and will allow us to access them in a simpler way from the Control Center. On the other hand, the console will automatically record clips when players break any records. Finally, players will be able to reward other players with the “Leader” award, and it will be visible in their profiles.

In addition to these news, we will also receive improvements on PS4, as well as in the operation of the PS App and PS Remote Play app. Sony has detailed us everything that will arrive in a recent publication of its PlayStation Blog, so we urge you to take a look if you still have any questions.