It is likely that you are one of the many fans who are on the lookout for any news released about the series The Umbrella Academy, written by Gerard way and transmitted by the streaming platform Netflix.

While there are few things that have been revealed to us about it, we have come across some things that, if you are a follower of said series, you probably enjoy it as much as we do.

If you haven’t watched season two, this is a Spoiler Warning.

With an ending that left us all confused and with many questions in mind, The Umbrella Academy had an excellent season finale.

We were only allowed to look at the silhouettes of who seemed to be the brothers from a supposed parallel universe when our heroes were able to return home again after so much chaos and misunderstandings.

And it is that during the video that they shared through twitter, the brothers of The Umbrella Academy, commented that they were not aware that this would happen and even stated that by the end of the season they only showed silhouettes, since they had not yet had a casting for the cast of the sparrows.

Well, until a couple of days ago some news on the subject has just been revealed to us, it turns out that indeed, the boys when they return home not only find the disconcerting (but pleasant) news that Ben is alive, but also this boy seems not to know them and even has other siblings.

These brothers are not only at home, but in this confusing parallel universeThey are also Ben’s brothers, therefore they are also Hargreeves brothers.

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We know, a lot of puzzling news in one fell swoop, but continuing on into just the past January 1 their “faces” were revealed to us, or rather a part of them, as well as through twitter, not only their numbers, their names, as well as some of their characteristics.

This season still does not have an official release date, It is calculated that between February and March, we will also be very vigilant and we will keep you informed.