A post-robocalyptic world awaits us in Scrap garden, which is now available to book at Xbox. This platform game developed by Flazm and published by ChiliDog Interactive will put us in the shoes of a lonely robot called Canny, who will wake up in a post-robocalyptic world and we will have to help him discover the truth. The game will arrive on our consoles on July 23th.

Our mission in Scrap garden It will help Canny to find the other robots that have been turned off and captured. We will embark on an adventure in search of answers, since our metallic friend needs to know things like What happened to the city? Why did all the robots stop moving? Or the question that most haunts its circuits, Will someone else have survived?

Scrap Garden is now available to pre-order on Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One

On Scrap garden we can enjoy a 3D platform game that has been inspired by great installments such as Crash Bandicoot, Donkey Kong and Spyro. The game has various mechanics that include challenging puzzles and fun minigames that will keep us entertained for a while.

Scrap garden offers us a moving story that has been narrated by Bobby Beato, who will cause us to have a deep conflict between nature and technology. This adventure game will immerse us in the atmosphere of a world that has been abandoned.

We will face powerful bosses and we will have to prepare our best strategies to be able to defeat them. We can search for all the collectibles that will be hidden in this abandoned world, these objects will help us discover more about what happened in Scrap garden and they will also help us to unlock additional content.

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The game has adorable graphics in a beautiful post-robocalyptic world, where we will have 6 locations that will be full of mysteries and adventures, all this accompanied by an incredible soundtrack that will make us feel the atmosphere of Scrap garden.

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You can find Scrap garden available to book at the Microsoft Store At a price of € 6.99.