Samsung’s most powerful smartwatch on sale for €214

Samsung’s most powerful smartwatch on sale for €214

One of the things you should keep in mind about this model is that, unlike previous generations, the operating system used by the smart watch we are talking about is Wear OS (Google’s work for this type of wearables). This allows the Samsung Galaxy Watch4 to access the official Play Store to obtain apps and fully customize the operation of the device. On the other hand, in the connectivity section there is excellent news, since this is a model that has WiFi; Bluetooth 5.0; and even NFC, which allows mobile payments without taking your phone out of your pocket.

With a spectacular finish where glass and metal are combined correctly, it should be noted that this smartwatch on sale has excellent protection that will make you forget that you are wearing it even when you go on a trip to the mountains. We say this because it offers support with the standard of military grade MIL-STD-810G, which ensures that small bumps do not affect it, and it is also compatible with IP68, which provides protection against water up to five atmospheres.

Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Classic in black

The best offer for this Samsung

If you decide to buy the Samsung Galaxy Watch4 right now is a good time in the well-known Amazon online store, since the basic model has a discount of 21%, so you only have to pay 214 euros to have it in houses when the normal thing would be to pay €269.90. A good discount for a state-of-the-art device that is available in various colors such as black or white.

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If you prefer to buy the member of this product range that is a little larger and has a more classic design, it also has a striking discount on Amazon, since right now the Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Classic With its rotating bezel you can get it for 286.99 euros, which represents a 22% saving compared to what it usually counts.

Important details of this watch

One of those that we believe is essential to know is the inclusion of a set of very numerous and advanced sensors that allow us to recognize all types of physical activity and very interesting health data. Two of the keys to achieving this are the BioActiveSensor that works quickly and accurately to become the smartwatch when it comes to data collection. The other key is the inclusion of a electrocardiogram (ECG) or a bioelectrical impedance sensor (BIA) that ensure that any physical detail, no matter how small, will be known thanks to the Watch4.

Samsung Galaxy Watch4 watch using sensors

Taking into account everything mentioned, and that these teams have a very powerful hardwareSince they use a Samsung Exynos W920 processor combined with 1.5 GB RAM, it is clear that you should not miss the opportunity to buy these smart watches because they are of excellent quality and, in addition, they have an excellent offer. .

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