Samsung allies with TV Azteca and this they present

Samsung allies with TV Azteca and this they present

ally with Aztec TV and “Azteca Uno -1hra” is the latest proposal with which the company Ricardo Salinas joins the Korean through Samsung TV Plus.

“We are very happy and excited about this alliance and we welcome Samsung to our great family of Aztec TV; I am sure that we will gradually integrate more linear content and VOD to this offer that undoubtedly marks another great precedent in the entertainment industry in Mexico”, explained Jorge Gutiérrez, Pay TV Director of TV Azteca Internacional.

The alliance is the result of one of the many strategies with which television or production companies land their own ecosystem that technology companies such as Samsung or Sony have on their screens; tests a very important element, communication with the consumer and the ability of the television screen to create new businesses.

The CTV to everything that gives

The business that CTV has unleashed does not disappoint and has led the main media brands to form ecosystems of great demand by audiencesleading companies like Aztec TV and big technology companies like Samsung to inaugurate alliances that are not wasted, on the contrary, they become excellent cases of how communication has to be thought of and, most importantly, how the creative resource should be defined around these new points of contact, which seem to be more serious, in comparison with proposals such as OTT or metaverse-type streaming, because the old formula of television consumption per household has not changed, since the connected screen continues to be an obligatory point of content consumption for home audiences.

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Migrate content to CTV

The migration of content to CTV has given rise to the formation of an ecosystem that is not wasted with brands such as Samsung or Sony that already have their own digital content medium, which is obtained exclusively through their devices.

This has been crucial to understand what new business models can be developedespecially to attract advertisers to these ecosystems.

Roku Advertising is the best proof of this, when the brand showed us a very important point when it created a business specialized in advertising and in being able to direct better commercial services designed in this medium.

Television screens have become important communication channels, with cases such as TV Azteca and Samsung.

The CTV has been consolidating for years

CTV is a medium that has been consolidating for years. We already explained that Sony and Samsung they have even consolidated key content scenarios where movies, series and now channels can be consumed through their devices and this exercise has become increasingly comprehensive, since we see a Mexican brand make an alliance with a Korean one and achieve with this formula a scheme unique interaction.

Undoubtedly there are schemes that are increasingly valuable for audiences and the CTV is democratizing the access that brands have, which traditionally could not advertise their commercials on a television they can do it and in these new digital scenarios and the constant alliance of television stations and producers with the technology companies behind the screens confirms that the business is prosperous.

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