Sam Raimi will use terror in his new movie

Sam Raimi will use terror in his new movie

Director Sam Raimi has mentioned that the new Doctor Strange movie will have quite a few horror touches

Usually Marvel movies and series are made for all audiences. Obviously they are superhero stories dedicated mostly to a child audience. Sam Raimi is a renowned director who has already worked on films such as the first Spiderman saga. He now faces the challenge of directing the new Doctor Strange movie in the Multiverse of Madness.

In its beginnings, Doctor Strange had certain touches of horror comics. And that seems to be that he wanted to be recovered by Kevin Feige, the producer of the film, who has made Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness have a milestone.

It seems that when he hired sam raimi The producer was very clear about what colors he wanted to give the film. “I think talking to Kevin made it very clear to me that his point of view was for it to include horror elements. When I was the original director, talking to Kevin Feige made sure that the film would be the first with horror elements. When he left due to creative differences, I continued with the initial approach.»

These were the statements of Sam Raimi about the important role of Kevin Feige in the fact that the film has horror things. He has also talked about the reason that has led them to shoot the movie in this way, and it is quite logical.

«Obviously here we are going to tell how his immersion in the multiverse is and the first thing is that it is unknown. It’s so unknown that you don’t really know what’s going to happen. There are moments of suspense and there are moments of terror. Basically because in the multiverse there has to be terrifying things.

Who knows what awaits us in the next Marvel movie, but it seems that Sam Raimi is well aware of the power of Kevin Feige.

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