Sakimichan Makes Adult Anya Forger Fan Art

Sakimichan Makes Adult Anya Forger Fan Art

the anime of Spy x Family It’s only been 6 episodes and it’s already one of the most popular of the season, which has caused us to see a lot of cosplays and fan arts. One of the most recent is the fan art of sakimichanwho decided to imagine Adult Anya Forger and the result turned out to be very controversial.

In the Spy x Family anime we meet Anya, an orphan whom Loid Forger (secret agent Twilight) adopts for his fake family, necessary to fulfill his mission. Although in the anime Anya Forger’s true age is 4 years old, that did not stop Sakimichan from deciding to increase her age to draw her with her characteristic style.

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Sakimichan is a well-known illustrator and his drawing style is very characteristic, so it makes sense that he decided to increase Anya Forger’s age to imagine her in the style she always presents. However, some consider that this was somewhat inappropriate due to the original age of the character, which has caused a lot of controversy on social networks.

A few weeks ago Sakimichan made a fan art of the Forger family where he showed us Loid, Anya and Yor Forger with his drawing style, and back then he did show us Anya Forger with the age she is in the anime.

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If you like the drawing style that Sakimichan has, I recommend that you follow him on his social networks, as it is not the first time that he has presented a fan art of this style with the characters of Spy x Family. Sakimichan also often imagines video game characters in other ways, as we saw in his fan art of Ranni and Melina from Elden Ring.

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