Ron Gilbert announces Return to Monkey Island for this 2022

Ron Gilbert announces Return to Monkey Island for this 2022

A new chapter in the Monkey Island series is on the way as it has just been announced Return to Monkey Islanddeveloped by Ron Gilbert’s new studio, terrible toy box, in collaboration with Devolver Digital and LucasFilm Games. Return to Monkey Island is a sequel to Secret of Monkey Island and Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revengeand will arrive sometime in 2022.

Return to Monkey Island is a game designed and written by Ron Gilbert in collaboration with Dave Grossman. Devolver Digital will be in charge of its distribution and they have already published the first teaser on their YouTube channel, with a taste of their music and a message for those who say that Ron Gilbert would never make a Monkey Island game again.

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Ron Gilbert is the creator of Monkey Island but was only involved in the first two games, so Return to Monkey Island would ignore the other installments. Dave Grossman was a co-writer and programmer for the original Monkey Island; Composers Michael Land, Peter McConnel and Clint Bajakina are also back, as is the voice of Guybrush, Dominic Armato.

Actually Ron Gilbert had announced that he was working on a new Monkey Island through his blog this April 1st, but since the US celebrates the April Fool’s Day on this day, they thought it was a joke (even though Gilbert said he doesn’t follow that tradition because he thinks it’s stupid). Today, Gilbert posted a new blog post of his with the Return to Monkey Island teaser.

I felt bad for the joke April Fool’s so over the weekend I popped the game out so no one would be disappointed.”

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At the moment there are no confirmed platforms but Return to Monkey Island is expected to arrive during this 2022. Ron Gilbert’s last game was Thumbleweed Park, the first he made with his new studio Terrible Toybox independently.