Rogue Explorer is now available on Xbox

Rogue Explorer is now available on Xbox

Get ready to live a personalized adventure in Rogue explorer, which is already available in Xbox. This roguelike with touches of metroidvania created by Eastasiasoft Y ZOO Corporation will put us in the shoes of a brave explorer who is willing to travel the Abysmal Tower in a side scrolling adventure with a pixel art style.

In Rogue explorer Our adventure will begin in a humble town, from this place we will make incursions to places such as dungeons of various biomes, each of these places will be more dangerous than the previous one. Are you prepared to stay alive long enough?

Rogue Explorer is now available on Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One

Rogue explorer offers us a wide customization of our character, we can change the colors of their appearance, make the weapons we want to use, as well as their armor as long as the loot we have obtained reaches us to do it. We can also optimize our equipment and choose from a wide variety of improvements in our skills that allow us to stay alive.

The game has a level of difficulty worthy of the classic roguelike, with the great difference that it does not have excessive restrictions that could represent unnecessary frustrations for the brave who decide to give a chance to Rogue explorer. We will have dungeons that have a metroidvania style that include various layers.

In Rogue explorer The upper levels of the dungeons will remain stable during the day, however, during the night their structure will be modified to offer a more complete experience to the players. The deepest levels of the dungeons will be full of dangers that will change unpredictably each time we decide to go through them.

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We will have to jump, roll and bounce against the walls to explore each of the corners of the Abyssal Tower to increase our loot and continue to improve our character. Rogue explorer It will allow us to preserve our inventory even if we fail in any of our missions, the only thing that we will lose will be the statistical improvements and the special abilities that we have unlocked in our last raid.

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In the game we will find chests that contain weapons such as swords, spears and staves that we can establish as primary or secondary weapons. We will be able to combine and synthesize the most powerful objects to have a better chance of completing our missions successfully, as well as defeating the monstrous bosses of each dungeon, which will range from giant skeletons, to minotaurs, dragons and even more terrifying beings.

You can find Rogue explorer available in the Microsoft Store At a price of € 6.39 with a 20% discount for the next 15 days.