Rockstar gives away a game for GTA: The Trilogy | Atomix

Rockstar gives away a game for GTA: The Trilogy |  Atomix

Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – Definitive Edition It has not been the package that many expected. Thanks to a number of bugs and performance issues, the collection of classic installments has disappointed more than one. Now, to remedy this perspective a bit, Rockstar has revealed that those who acquired this title through PC, they will be able to get a completely free game.

While Rockstar has not created this promotion as an apology for the state of GTA: The Trilogy, and rather it is a Christmas offer, it does feel like a way of apologizing for the inconvenience they have caused in recent weeks. Everything you need to redeem your free game, is to have bought the collection that includes GTA III, GTA: Vice City Y GTA: San Andreas via Rockstar Launcher on PC before January 6, 2022. These are the games you can get:

Grand Theft Auto V: Premium Edition

Grand Theft Auto IV: Complete Edition

Max payne 3

LA Noire

Bully: Scholarship Edition

-Great White Shark Card for Gta online

-55 gold bars for Red Dead Online

You can only get one of these rewards. Similarly, Offer is only valid for PC users via Rockstar Launcher. Those who bought GTA: The Trilogy on consoles, or used a third party digital store, such as Steam or the Epic Games Store, they will not be able to claim their Christmas prize.

On related topics, it has been found that GTA: The Trilogy usa stock photos and images. In the same way, here we tell you why GTA III it was a temporary exclusive to PlayStation.

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Editor’s Note:

While it’s nice to see Rockstar offering gamers a free game, the number of people who bought GTA: The Trilogy On consoles and on sites like Steam, it is higher than what is seen compared to its official store on PC. The offer should have been for all users who purchased the package, not just a few.

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Rockstar gives away a game for GTA: The Trilogy | Atomix

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