Rockstar announces a membership service for GTA Online

Rockstar announces a membership service for GTA Online

The arrival of Grand Theft Auto V to the new generation of consoles has been the perfect excuse for thousands of players from all over the world to return to Los Santos to live one of the great experiences in the history of electronic entertainment. But Rockstar Games has much more thought-out to continue profiting from an immortal title. And it is that now Rockstar announces a membership service for GTA Online called GTA+ and that will begin this month. We already know the first details, when it will arrive, what it will contain for those who subscribe and also the price. Join us in the following lines to learn everything you need to know.

As Rockstar has explained, the first month of membership will start next month. March 29 and will last until April 27. The main attraction will be an immediate economic injection of GTA$500,000 As soon as this date is fulfilled if you are subscribed to GTA +, in addition to access to new establishments, free upgrades, new weapons at no additional cost and double and even triple experience in certain activities of GTA Online that will be revealed each new month of subscription. It is important to note that this membership will only be available in the Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5 versionsso previous generation consoles are left out of the equation.

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Finally, the price of the subscription will be $5.99 per month, no permanence and, therefore, being able to unsubscribe whenever you want. To be part of GTA+ you must have a copy of GTA V or GTA Online on the aforementioned platforms and select a valid payment method. Remember that GTA+ comes to GTA V for the next-gen the next weekso there is nothing left for the Grand Theft Auto franchise to continue expanding its horizons with new content.

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