Review Sony LinkBuds S: how are the new and reduced hyper-technological earbuds that arrived in Argentina

Review Sony LinkBuds S: how are the new and reduced hyper-technological earbuds that arrived in Argentina

The new LinkBuds S from Sony arrived in the country with a classic and small-sized earbuds style, but with a technological section that distinguishes it. Every detail in this note.

Just a few months ago, Sony introduced us to the revolutionary LinkBuds WF-900, donut-shaped wireless headphones that allow us to listen to music while being attentive to the noises around us. It is seen that this was not enough for the Japanese company, since now we met the new LinkBuds S True Wireless, although they are much more classic. We test them and tell you details, pros and cons, in this review.

Sony Linkbuds Earbuds

That is true, unlike the LinkBuds WF-900, this new version presents a classic look like the modern earbuds format we are used to. But the first point to note is its size, which Sony really knew how to reduce from its WF-1000 XM3 model, as seen in the following photo.

Sony Linkbuds Earbuds

Another strong point that we find in the weight, of only 4.8 grams for the headphones. Its texture is similar to rubber with a non-slip roughness and it can be obtained in white, cream and black.

the case

On the case side, it is not revolutionary in any way and it feels like one more among thousands of options. But it only weighs 35 grams. Also the USB-C charging port is located on the back of the case.

Sony Linkbuds Earbuds

But as in all earbuds, the case is used for recharging. The headphones have 51 mAh, which allow us up to six hours of continuous playback with ANC. Also, the case provides an extra 14 hours Of battery, that is a total of 20 hours without charging the case and without using a cable.

LThe headphones take two hours to fully chargewhile To fully charge the case we will have to connect it for three hours using a USB-C cable, included in the box along with four variants of rubber bands by size.
Sony Linkbuds Earbuds

extra features

The LinkBuds S are compatible with both Android and iOSin addition to any device that has Bluetooth. Precisely the headphones use Bluetooth 5.2which makes them compatible with Google Fast Pair and Windows Swift Pair with very low power consumption.

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The app that allows us to link the headphones to our Smartphone it is Headphones Connectboth on Android and iOS. Inside this app we can view the battery status of the headphones, configure playback and sound settings. On the other hand, we will also have touch functions such as Spotify Tap and Quick Access, which will give us different options if we press or touch the button 1, 2 or 3 times. This can be a pro if we are looking for customization or a con for those who do not want to install anything on their phone.

If you are one of those who enjoy the software, in the LinkBuds S you will find that you can switch between ambient and noise canceling and that it will use the understanding of the environment to see what is convenient and what is safer. Yes, if that’s what you want. Otherwise, you can disable it.

They also claim to be IPX4, resistant to sweat and rain, which does not make them submersible or waterproof. Be careful with this point.

LinkBuds S

sound and technology

Finally, in the sound section of the LinkBuds Sthat support 360 Reality, Spatial Sound, DSEE Extreme (AI Digital File Optimization) and LDACcount on a five-millimeter driver and the V1 processor and reproduce Hi-Res Audio for the most demanding. Lots of options and variety of uses.

In addition to being compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa, they work very well on calls, above average, while their sound is faithful and ideal for streaming music without disappointing.

Added to this, they have Noise Cancellationwhich presents 20 different levels that although they are not at the level of other equipment from the same Sony, it is appreciated that it is included due to its price.

Sony Linkbuds Earbuds

Great price and good shopping options

Why do we tell you that we appreciate the features in this price range? Because the Linkbuds S can be obtained at the official Sony Store for $29,999 Argentine pesos. Something that places it as a good price / quality option considering the number of options, features and technologies that they include in a market saturated with options that can literally double or less than half. What you have to take into account is if you are going to use all this. If you are a fan of the latest and want to try all these features, these are the headphones for you.