remake hints at possible release

remake hints at possible release

Although there is still no official data on the plans for naughty dog Y PlayStation for The Last of Us and that they have not yet announced a new version of the video game, there are strong rumors that in addition to other projects, the first one is working on the second relaunch of the classic 2013 title, however, where the first relaunch was a remastering, this second relaunch is supposedly a proper remake, or at least that’s how rumors continue to refer to it; now, what has sounded more recently are sources of Jeff Grubba leading industry insider and leaker.

You see, according to Grubbhas heard strong rumors that the remake of The Last of Us will be released this holiday season, or at least that’s what Grubb has constantly heard about the project, noting that some in naughty dog they started working on the remake after The Last of Us Part IIthat is how Grubb reveals that the study is “a well oiled machine”so it is likely that said rumors are true and they can pull it off so quickly.

“I keep hearing it’s coming out this year”said Grubb. “You have to keep in mind that The Last of Us Part II came out a while ago and there are people in that studio who were looking for something to do and that visual arts group was thinking of taking over Uncharted and becoming their own thing.” studio just said ‘well, we’re going to do Last of Us Remake’. And people who weren’t doing anything at Naughty Dog were like, ‘Hey, we can handle this.’ And I don’t know. That’s a pretty efficient, well-oiled machine in Naughty Dog and they wouldn’t have to do too much because that’s the point.”

“So the game could be updated very quickly. Think often about those Resident Evil games that are coming out. It’s a very similar thing where we have the bones here and we can build on that. And yes, this holiday is what I keep hearing about. I’m pretty sure of that too.”

That’s all the insider revealed, and despite not talking about any specific month, usually when they mention “holidays” usually refers to the window between October and December, so if this is true this, PlayStation could have both this and god of war ragnarok this vacation, which would be an efficient one-two punch on the part of Sony.

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