If we have the hazelnuts in the shell, the first thing to do is to split them with a suitable opener. Next, toast them lightly in an ungreased skillet, stirring constantly. When cool, remove the skin, which will be brittle. Nothing happens if we can’t peel them completely.

Take small portions of marzipan dough, work it with your hands so that it becomes pliable and wrap each hazelnut, forming small balls. Break the chocolate and melt in a water bath, taking care that no water enters and that it does not burn.

We can temper the dark chocolate if we want, although for this recipe the result is good if we skip that step. When the chocolate is melted and has a homogeneous and smooth texture, bathe each bonbon, drain the excess chocolate and place on a tray covered with greaseproof paper.

Continue until all units are finished. Garnish with small decorations to taste, colored shavings, grated coconut, hazelnut crocanti, etc. A light touch of coarse or flaked salt adds a delicious contrast. Let dry completely before storing in an airtight container, better at room temperature.