There are just a few weeks to go before you can finally enjoy the latest work from Tim Schafer’s studio, Psychonauts 2. Many users have waited years for release day to arrive, and the time has almost come. But before we can start the title ourselves, Psychonauts 2 introduces multiple characters in new video.

The video in question has been published on the official YouTube channel of Double Fine, and in it we can see throughout 4 minutes as several developers, including Tim Schafer, the visible head of the study. All the characters shown to us are novelties within the Psychonauts universe, and as we can already guess, they are very diverse characters, with different ways of being, very charismatic and crazy, like everything that surrounds Raz, our protagonist, during Psychonauts 1 and 2.

Psychonauts 2 introduces multiple characters in new video

Psychonauts 2 Pre-Download Now Available

From everything we have seen, Psychonauts 2 promises to be an adventure full of madness, funny moments, and charismatic characters and different from each other. Hopefully it is a worthy successor to the original title. Psychonauts 2 will arrive on August 25 to Xbox One, Xbox Series X | and PC, as well as Game Pass.