Pokémon Scarlet and Purple may have revealed a great secret of the legendary

Pokémon Scarlet and Purple may have revealed a great secret of the legendary


Kuraidon and Miraidon are the legendary pokemon Pokemon Scarlet and Purplerevealed in the latest round of official information we have received from Nintendo and Game Freak about the ninth generation of the franchise. Since then, there have been many details and theories that have emerged around these two new creatures and even some leaked data about their types. As usual with every new Pokémon title, the rumors and alleged leaks they don’t stop happening on the net and now it may have been revealed a very important fact about Kuraidon and Miraidonwhich would mean a great secret about them.

As usual lately, the information comes from the hand of Riddler Ku, the quintessential leaker when it comes to Pokémon and the most reliable source today, since he has never failed with all his revelations. However, he is a very cryptic person in his messages, so interpretations may vary from reality. In this case, assures that Kuraidon and Miraidon will have a relationship with Lunala and Solgaleo from Pokémon Sun and Moon. The followers have not been slow to make their theories and the most plausible is that these legendary could have a common pre-evolutionsomething that could give meaning to the evolution of one of them towards a past time and that of the other towards a future time.

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For now, Be careful with this type of information., since they can refer to something totally different. It will be time to wait for Nintendo and Game Freak to give new details of Pokémon Scarlet and Purple, something that should happen during the summer, since its release date is already defined for the next November 18 exclusively for Nintendo Switch.

Kuraidon and Miraidon would be mounts and fighting and electric types

Riddler Khu has been spreading information non-stop on his Twitter account for the last few weeks, and Kuraidon and Miraidon have been the subject of many of his comments. Among the details that he has disclosed, he has assured that both will be dragon typebut that in the case of Kuraidon will have the Fighting subtype, while Miraidon will be the Electric type.. In addition, it could have confirmed one of the most widespread theories on the network since the revelation of the design of the legendary, it could be mounts.

The final evolution of Fuecoco in Pokémon Scarlet and Purple may have leaked new details

At the moment we know very little about the ninth generation of Pokémon, so there is a lot of information that will have to be revealed in the coming months. We will have to be very aware of all the information that Khu offers to try to decipher his messages and discover new details of Pokémon Scarlet and Purple.

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