The console could make your users’ games easier and more comfortable.

PlayStation 5 has been on the market for a year in all territories after its European anniversary was celebrated on November 19, this being, ironically, the last territory where it was launched. Under this premise it must be said that, despite the stock problems, the console has been a sales success, thus leading many to be delighted with the improvements over the previous generation that we had with PlayStation 4.

Nevertheless, the console has only passed the first year of its life, which forces Sony not to rest on its laurels, in such a way that must give users reasons to buy their console, as well as not “encouraging” them to take over the competition. And it seems that this would already be underway, since A new Sony patent would hint that quality of life improvements are coming to PS5.

You will be able to run various applications without leaving the games

First of all it is necessary to clarify that the interface of PlayStation 5 is much better than that of PlayStation 4 both in speed and in the functions we have, but that does not prevent there is room for improvement. And this is where this new patent comes in, since Sony would allow switching to other applications without leaving the game. In this way, our game would be “anchored to the GUI”, thus allowing the user to switch to another application without problems.

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Thus, actions like putting music would be much easier, since instead of having to pause the game and select this option, we could open these applications without actually exiting the game. It does not end up being something that changes our lives, but it is certainly a valuable time saver that could be used for moments like cut-scenes where we don’t have to do anything.

Of course, it should be noted that this would not be a novelty within the industry, since Xbox One has a similar function that allows you to run several applications simultaneously without the need to exit the game. It remains to be seen if Sony decides to give some twist to this idea to differentiate it, this being something that it has already done in the past, as when they created the PlayStation Move.

However, before taking anything for certain, remember that not all patents end up being exploited, so it will be necessary to see if over time we end up seeing this function on PlayStation 5 or if, on the contrary, it remains in no man’s land.

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