We have known for a long time that Xbox wants to continue expanding its catalog of studies, and wants to continue providing diversity to your platform with a worldwide presence. Now, in a recent interview with The Guardian to Phil Spencer, Xbox head, reveals to us that the company has big plans to expand your acquisition strategy with «new types of studies, in new places«.

The Guardian he was quite interested in knowing xbox stance as for the expansion strategies, asking if it was necessary for companies to expand to new territories with a different demographic. To this, Spencer replied what “In fact, I’d be surprised if it doesn’t happen. Just knowing the talent that is available, and the tools [motores de juego como Unity y Unreal] that are much more accessible …«.

“I would be surprised if in the next three to five years you don’t see numerous studios in places that are not traditionally centers of video game development,” Phil Spencer told The Guardian.

Matt Booty, head of Xbox Game Studios, also offered his opinion

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Matt booty, head of Xbox Game StudiosHe also added to the discussion that “there should be a study of several hundred people»In one of these territories, at least. Booty further adds that it wouldn’t be for just for «outsourcing or support“But to create the best possible game geared towards that region. Booty believes that «this is the vision” in the company.

At the end of 2019 we saw how Xbox I was looking for Asian first party studios, and now it seems they don’t just want to limit themselves to that continent. We will see in the future how the search for diversity continues by Xbox. Everything indicates that we will see a development in these regions that, traditionally, have never been the central focus in the world of video games.

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