Peruvian style grilled chicken recipe

Peruvian style grilled chicken recipe

With kitchen scissors, we open the chicken by cutting through the center of the breast. Then we flatten it a bit to give it a flat shape, more comfortable to do it on the grill. To make the marinade or marinade, we mix the ingredients in a bowl, working with a fork until obtaining a kind of paste. We spread the chicken well with that pasta on both sides.

We also separate the skin from the chicken meat as in this recipe for Grandma Lola’s roast chicken and we put a little of the marinade inside. We leave the well spread chicken in the fridge for 12 hours so that the flavor penetrates well.

When we go to cook it, we light the barbecue, and we grill the chicken with quality charcoal or with a mixture of wood and charcoal, so that they maintain a powerful and even heat during the roasting process of the chicken, which takes about an hour and a half.

It is important to grill the chicken somewhat away from the embers, so that it does not burn on the outside, leaving the inside raw. We will start slowly, with the grill raised, and letting the chicken begin to grill on the skin side, turning chicken every 15 minutes. As it roasts and the embers lose strength, we lower the height of the grill. We finish when the chicken is well browned on both sides and the inside is cooked.

We bring it to the table in a fountain accompanied by French fries and decorate it with some sprouts of coriander or parsley to refresh. Optionally, you can serve this chicken with homemade chimichurri sauce since as I mentioned at the beginning, if you grill it on the barbecue with this recipe, we do not get sauce.

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