Papel Regio “not even the first world has it”; foreigner takes souvenir

Papel Regio “not even the first world has it”;  foreigner takes souvenir

Although the global health crisis caused by Covid-19 is still wreaking havoc, the opening of public spaces, recreational and tourist centers has allowed citizens to return to their usual routines and tourism can once again be part of a daily reality, which generates unique and curious moments, as demonstrated by a user of social networks, who has indicated that his brother, who lives abroad, took a package of “Regio toilet paper” as a souvenir, along with Mexican candies and other curiosities gastronomic that can be found within the national territory.

Tourism within the national territory

Within the national territory, there are thousands of sites and places to visit, from museums, streets and alleys, artistic centers, cultural and architectural legacies, as well as nightclubs, recreational centers, parks and natural and man-made wonders, which is why go back to Mexico as one of the favorite tourist destinations for travelers from all over the world.

Data provided by the Secretary of Tourism (Sectur), point out that by January 2022, just over 2.6 million international tourists entered the national territory, a figure that indicates an increase of at least 37.5 percent compared to those who arrived in 2021, this within of the 32 states of the National Territory and its thousands of places to visit.

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Foreigner takes Regio paper as a souvenir to Finland

When traveling, it is common for people to take a part of each place with them, be it a memory or a souvenir, some aspect that represents the place visited, or that is strange or different from what is usually known, for example This is what it means to bring sweets from Chile, outside of Mexico, which although it is a national characteristic, for the foreign community this is curious or strange; Nevertheless, Regio brand scented paper went viral in a few hours, because it was one of the things with which a foreigner returned to his place of residence.

@unafinlandesa Luxuries that are not found in 🇫🇮 Ig: a finlandesa #for you #Mexico #finlandesaenmexico ♬ La Canelera – Los Capos De Mexico

Within the digital conversation, the grace and good faith with which strangers themselves, celebrate the traveler’s decision to return to Finland, loaded with a bag of Chips, fire, some sweets and scented toilet paper, a reason that led Internet users to generate a wide digital conversation.

digital conversation

As a result of the publication of the short video, a strong conversation was generated within the comments on networks, where the community of Internet users has generated various comments, mostly taken by grace, of the reason why the traveler decided to wear a scented toilet paper, as a souvenir, it was also mentioned that the foreigner is young, is supposedly the brother of a young woman who resides within the national territory, so it was not strange that he knows the gastronomy, but it was strange that he takes a toilet paper to Finland.

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