As every year, on certain special dates, Overwatch celebrates them by offering users themed maps (it depends on the party they celebrate), along with new skins for certain characters and new game modes, all in relation to the event. And for users who are still hooked on the Blizzard title, they will be interested to know that Overwatch Summer Event Now Available.

At this event, Blizzard has decided to create new legendary skins for Symmetra, Ashe, Orisa, Sigma and Mei, which are achieved through the loot boxes of the event itself, or with the credits of the game. There are also the «Weekly Challenges», which They will give us access to unique skins, sprays and icons for Winston, Pharah and Hanzo. In addition, as in all events, the items from previous years will be at a reduced price, in order to get everything much easier.

Overwatch’s Summer Event Now Available

Overwatch now supports cross-play

Blizzard keeps this delivery alive based on events, where they take the opportunity to put themed content. Even if users have been asking for better support for a long timeIt seems that the studio does not seem to want to change anything, so we will have to settle for this until the release of Overwatch 2. The summer event will be available from July 20 to August 10.