One Punch Man finally defines the way to defeat Saitama

One Punch Man finally defines the way to defeat Saitama


Saitama’s strength in One-Punch Man seems limitless, but now that Garou has learned to harness this strength, how will this great fight end? This article will contain spoilers for chapter 165 of this if you want to read it on your own, we recommend doing it through the online service of Viz Media and it is that this number will solve one of the great unknowns of the saga: the power of his fist.

In chapter 165 (English numbering 163), Garou used his new Cosmic Terror form to copy Saitama’s strength, blocking the hero’s series of consecutive normal hits with his own. Nevertheless, Since Saitama never uses the full extent of his power, the comparison between the two didn’t seem fair.. However, in chapter 166, Garou began to realize that Saitama’s power could easily ensure victory for him and brutally killed Genos in an attempt to goad Saitama.

Garou’s new cosmic form opens up the possibility for Saitama to have to fight new elder and cosmic forces.

Needless to say, the display of cruelty had its intended effect, and Saitama launches his Killer Move: Serious Punch, only for Garou to copy it as well. As both fighters close in with their fatal blows, S-class hero Blast worries that the force of these two connected attacks could destroy the entire planet Earth. Both Blast’s secret and Saitama’s power seem to be resolved in these scenes.. However, it may not be what Garou was expecting (or the public, for that matter).

While the thought of Garou with Saitama’s power is terrifying, Saitama may have an unusual way out of this situation: his lack of training.. Garou believes that he can take Saitama’s Serious Punch and “perfect” it, but Saitama’s attacks have never had anything to do with the technique. A perfected form of his attack would simply be an ordinary martial arts punch, which Garou is already quite capable of.

garou one punch man

Garou has learned to replicate Saitama’s techniques in One-Punch Man, but may not be able to master his full strength.

However, there must be more to this copying ability than simply emulating his moves; as he explained in 165, he is “borrowing the force of nature” by imitating movements. That would indicate that Saitama’s power is natural to him, somehow, and that his unskilled form may be part of what it takes to unlock him. In that case, Garou can’t hone and elevate the move because it wouldn’t work anymore if he changed. It would be like trying to copy the instinct of an animal.

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Saitama’s Mysterious Power In One-Punch Man Seems To Be Revealed

Saitama has one more advantage as Blast wants to stop Garou as well, so at least he is still outnumbered. But being outnumbered has never stopped Garou in the past, and copying the dimensional warping powers of Blast could be even more dangerous than copying Saitama. If One-Punch Man’s world is to be saved from mutually assured destruction, then maybe Saitama will get over his emotions and avoid the trap of seeking revenge. After all, he still has a promise to keep with Garou’s young friend.

Saitama’s endless supply of strength and power has been the basis for most of the humor. and the One-Punch Man drama. With his fated nemesis now wielding the exact same level of strength, it seems his limit will continue to be the very nature of his spirit.

one punch man 166 garou blast

Blast’s power in One-Punch Man allows him to alter reality itself.

The force behind Saitama’s attacks in One-Punch Man has never been explained., has only been hinted at from time to time. One thing that has been constant since the beginning is that Saitama has no skills or training in martial arts, so his attacks are extremely simple and in many cases work despite this due to enemies underestimating his power. Bang wanted to formally train him at his dojo for this very reason, but since Saitama is just “a hero for fun”, he always turned down offers as too much work. Now, Garou intends to offer a look at what someone with Saitama’s power and Bang’s training can really do. Two different world views collide and only one will emerge victorious.

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