One piece will have the arrival of a key character

One piece will have the arrival of a key character

in the world of one piece, the author of the work usually presents us with great characters, and many of them are introduced in advance, long before we even meet the protagonists. One of the most mysterious is the admiral of the navy Ryokugyua character who has had little interaction with the Straw Hats.

In the most recent chapter the country of wano prepares for his new future after the war. And most importantly, the rest of the world is beginning to change to reflect all that has happened. This is when he enters the scene, Ryokugyuwho heads to said country at the end of the episode, thus indicating that he might try to intercept the pirates.


The last entry of the manga states that it has already been a while since the last battle between the pirates, Big Mom and Kaido, thus being the emperors of the sea finally defeated by the heroes. The navy is very aware of the liberation of the country by these characters, so an admiral is forced to go to the capital of his own wano.

In previous adaptations such as movies, the abilities of Ryokugyu, but an all-out showdown between him and the Straw Hats hasn’t been in the spotlight. And this indicates the next villain to beat before going for blackbeard is the sailor, an obstacle that will stand in the way of the last arc of this series that seemed to have no end.

It is worth commenting that the conclusion will have to wait a bit because the mangaka Eichiro Ode will take a break.

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