Over the past few days, the 2021 National Examination for Medical Residency Applicants (ENARM) has become one of the most discussed topics. The downside is that it hasn’t necessarily been for the better. In fact, the annoyance and dissatisfaction of many of the applicants for the inconsistencies that have arisen. But now one more is added and it is the change of date in the publication of selected pages.

The information was officially released by the Inter-institutional Commission for the Training of Human Resources for Health (CIFRHS) through your website. Although at first it was said that on October 24 the list of applicants who obtained a residency would be released, now it will no longer be like that.

New date for the publication of selected pages

According to the new calendar, now the publication of selected folios from ENARM 2021 will be on October 31. This modification is due to the fact that the period for the choice of specialty was extended.

What was said at the beginning is that October 20 was the deadline for applicants to choose one of the 27 available specialties. Instead, they now have until October 29 to complete this process.

Although the CIFRHS does not mention it, the modification of the date was caused by irregularities with the number of places offered. So far the promised amount has not been met and there are still several inconsistencies in the call.

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How many places are going to be awarded?

In that sense, the biggest promise that was made is that this year 30 thousand places would be offered. This is the highest figure in history and with that practically half of the applicants would obtain a place to continue their professional training.

While the doubts have originated from the specialty selection process. By doing so, applicants can see the number of places occupied and in total they barely reach 17 thousand. The difference in figures is notorious and the only authority that can provide official information is the CIFRHS. Although, as in past editions, it has not published statistical data on what happened.

Similarly, doubts have been generated because during the last 12 months not enough hospitals have been inaugurated in the country to think about a new increase in places for residents.

For now, it will be until October 31 with the publication of selected pages of the ENARM 2021 that the number of places granted this year will be known with certainty.