Halo Infinite prepares to reach millions of devices around the world, very soon fans of the popular Shooter will be able to spend hundreds of hours in the company of master Chief and the Spartan. 343 Indutries has been aware of the millions of comments from fans around the world, that is why the company has gradually revealed more news about the game, one of the most important; The release date has been revealed.

Important facts about Halo Infinite like the official release date, unlock time worldwide, the weight of the application on consoles and more, is what the players have obtained in these weeks. If you want to be informed about all this, here is this short guide that contains everything you need to know about it. Xbox launch: Halo Infinite.

The official release date of Halo Infinite is December 8, 2021, the game will be available on consoles, PC and Cloud, this means that everyone can be part of the world of Halo as soon as it reaches the system. Cloud players will have to wait as the system could have loading issues given the large number of players.

Halo Infinite file size for consoles and PC is approximately 50GB, although we estimate that it could easily exceed 80 given the system adjustments 343 has implemented in recent weeks. The recommended space is 100GB on Xbox Series and PC.

The time to unlock Halo Infinite will be at 12:00 AM in Mexico and USA, other countries will be on par with these two countries, probably a few minutes late. This information is part of what 343 has revealed, in addition to the surprises that Xbox usually gives. For now, take this as speculation, on these days the company can reveal the real data.

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