Ocarina of Time on your Steam Deck

Ocarina of Time on your Steam Deck

After its launch for Nintendo 64 in 1998, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time it would go on to become one of Nintendo’s most influential releases of all time, cementing itself as a milestone in 3D gaming. The game is considered by some fans to be the best in the series and has yet to be surpassed.

The game has received a series of adaptations to other consoles of Nintendo over the years, such as the GameCube, the 3DS, and the Nintendo Switch online expansion pack. Fans, however, have also tried to port the game to other systems, along with their own tweaks and improvements.

Some of these fan-made projects include the PC port of the game and the new version of Ocarina of Time powered by Unreal Engine 5, all with their own visual enhancements. These fan efforts demonstrate the love the game continues to receive nearly 25 years after its arrival, and one in particular showcases what the game could look like on the screen. Steam DeckValve’s portable PC similar to the Switch itself Nintendo.

This video was uploaded by the YouTube channel, Press start to begin, where it shows 45 minutes of the game in the Steam Deck. The player reveals that Ocarina of Time and other N64 games are found in a special menu in a special Steam Deck configuration tool known as EmuDeck. This tool covers a wide variety of retro systems, such as Nintendo 64PlayStation 1, PlayStation 2 and others.

The video demonstrates that the game looks and plays as if it were run directly on the N64, including graphics, sounds, and more. In the first 45 minutes of the game, Link can be seen breaking pots and talking to children in Kokiri Forest. The video even shows Link embarking on a journey to save the Great Deku Tree, the first dungeon of Ocarina of Time.

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However, the “official” way to play The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is via the Nintendo 3DS, GameCube, Nintendo 64, and Switch.