New Vegas that makes us drool to return to Mojave

New Vegas that makes us drool to return to Mojave

There is a lot of love from the community for the Fallout series. The bethesda franchise experienced a wild growth in popularity with the arrival of the third installment and, above all, the spin-off of New Vegas that left such a good taste in our mouths. Therefore, everything that has to do with the Mojave desert is always welcome.

Last year we got to see what a remaster could look like under the source material and using a NASA PC. Now, it is the turn of TeaserPlay and its recreation of the work under the mantle of the Unreal Engine 5 graphics engine. Knowing the potential of the Epic Games tool, we can only rub our eyes at each image.

Its creator has used all the possible functions offered by Unreal Engine 5, among which we find Lumen, Nanite or the always desired ray tracing. Far from offering a purely aesthetic vision, TeaserPlay has been in charge of recreating the classic HUD that accompanies us on the adventure.

The truth is that everything looks to an enormous level, showing us planes in the first and third person. Some mutated creatures also appear taking a walk on the stage, at the same time that the music of the 40s resonates through the radio.

Other fan-led projects have breathed new life into the post apocalyptic deliveries. For example, there are those who have implemented the Elden Ring messaging system in Fallout New Vegas. Meanwhile, the Amazon series continues with new signings for the cast.