New Horizon Forbidden West trailer shows the world beyond the US

New Horizon Forbidden West trailer shows the world beyond the US

The latest trailer for Horizon Forbidden West has revealed some of the new tribes in the game and shows us the hostile world beyond the United States. The original release of Horizon Forbidden West was scheduled for the 2021 holiday season; however, its release has been delayed until 2022 so that the Guerrilla team has time to deliver the high level that fans have come to expect. As in the case of many games, the pandemic also influenced this delay.

Horizon Forbidden West It will be the follow-up to 2017’s Horizon Zero Dawn. Players will once again step into Aloy’s shoes to forge their way through a futuristic yet primitive America and beyond. This time, Aloy will venture even further than before, into the so-called Forbidden West. Here, you will not only meet new mechanical enemies that you will have to defeat, but also various new tribes. New enemy types include a number of formidable enemies like the fierce Slitherfang from Horizon Forbidden West.

The latest trailer for Horizon Forbidden West it has shown the new tribes and has shown a little more of the world beyond the United States. Guerrilla shared: “… the people of the Horizon world are divided into tribes, each of which has its own history and traditions.” Aloy will have the opportunity to meet characters from each of these tribes throughout the game, offering players the opportunity to “learn more about the rich and authentic tribal cultures of Horizon Forbidden West.” One of the mentioned tribes is that of the Utaru, who sing to the land in an attempt to heal the land from the red plague that is causing death and destruction. Other tribes, such as the Carja, fear the lands of the Forbidden West and guard its borders to protect themselves from the evil they perceive beyond their domain. Meanwhile, even further into these new lands, three clans have united in a “fragile peace” as they seek to defend themselves from another tribe: Regala and her rebels.

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The tribes described in the trailer, along with the fearsome new machines, should add a deeper level of immersion to the gameplay of Horizon Forbidden West. However, what is not clear in this recent video is which of these tribes can be friends and which enemies of Aloy’s. There seems to be a lot of segregation between the various tribes, and the trailer distills more and more tension the more it is played, with the lands themselves becoming increasingly hostile.

Along with the imminent launch of Horizon Forbidden WestSony has also announced a new VR game that will take place in the world of Horizon. Horizon Call of the Mountain is coming to the newly revealed PSVR 2, offering players a new perspective on this land, as well as introducing an entirely new character. At the time of writing, no firm release date has been announced for either the hardware or the game itself. Luckily, for fans who are eager to re-enter Aloy’s world, it won’t take long until Horizon Forbidden West finally launches on PlayStation consoles, and each new tribe along with the vast lands in which they live. can be explored first-hand.