The new Suzuki S-Cross is already on sale in our country, equipped with a gasoline engine equipped with 48 Volt “SHVS” technology. Now, a leak has already revealed the data of the expected hybrid version that arrives throughout 2022, and of which we tell you all the details that Suzuki has not offered.

The new generation of Suzuki s-cross has completely changed. Compared to the outgoing model, of which no more trace remains than the crossover concept, the Japanese has been totally transformed as it was something that was crying out for after a long time on the market, and with simple changes in the face of renewed competition. The Japanese brand has seriously opted for this model, which It already sells in Spain, although for now it is only doing it with a mechanical version.

The long-awaited hybrid version, of which Suzuki has not given great details, is not waiting. It was in the Dutch market where the Vitara 2022 price sheet was leaked and in which the «1.4 BoosterJet Hybrid» already shares space with the new hybrid system based on the new “Strong Hybrid” technology, so in the rest of European countries it is a matter of time before it makes its appearance on board this model, and in the second half of the year in the new S-Cross. A strategy for which there is no official confirmation, for now.

The filtered prices of the Suzuki Vitara 2022 confirm the arrival of the new hybrid engine

The 2022 Suzuki Vitara will be offered with the new hybrid engine

The leak has occurred in a Slovak portal, who have pulled the thread to find out all the details of this self-recharging hybrid motor, of which we already knew part of its specifications thanks to a previous leak, but now something else has been completed. A very different system from the current block that has no more of a hybrid than what appears in the commercial name since, in reality, it is a propeller equipped with the 48-volt “SHVS” technology developed by the Japanese firm, and now available so far on Suzuki. The new powertrain has been developed by Suzuki, although with the invaluable help of Toyota that has provided experience and knowledge now deployed.

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The new 1.5 Hybrid engine features a naturally aspirated four-cylinder gasoline, without turbocharging. A block known internally as «K15C» that develops a maximum power of 102 HP, and an electric motor with a maximum power of 33 HP adds an essential help, achieving a total maximum power of 115 hp. The brand has mounted a battery with a capacity of only 0.84 kWh, just enough to start in electric mode. Among other differences with other hybrids, it will be offered with an automatic torque converter and also a 6-speed manual.

A very interesting transmission combination, since the prices for the Dutch show that This hybrid version will be offered with front-wheel drive versions and also all-wheel drive., with the «Allgrip Select» system. A plus of security for those who circulate on slippery surfaces but who do not have to give up a more efficient driving, in which the benefits will not be dominant.