New content comes to GTA Online with the new update

New content comes to GTA Online with the new update

One more week, from SomosXbox we are going to share with all of you the new content and the bonuses that it has added RockstarGames a GTA Online with the new update, where we find The Vespucci Job (Remix), bonuses of all kinds, new double rewards, discounts, new exclusive cars for Xbox Series X | S and the new lucky wheel podium prize, among Other things that we will detail below.

New content is coming to GTA Online this week, including The Vespucci Job (Remix), a high-octane chase across seven Vinewood-inspired blockbuster maps. In this new job, a racer with several emblematic vehicles will have to collect checkpoints while a team of interceptors tries to finish him off, chasing him with patrol cars, helicopters and armored cars.

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During this week there will be double bonuses in GTA$ and RP for participating in The Vespucci Job (Remix), in bunker series, in Go a Truck, Mobile Operations, for completing all types of jobs in the Biker Club and vip and series jobs . In addition, there will be double the salary for partners and escorts and all biker skills will be free until June 1, so you can mess it up in a big way.

As you know, the roulette grand prize changes every week, so the new vehicle on the podium that we can already get is the Übermacht Revolter, a sleek sedan with weapon options. If you haven’t had any luck at the wheel, the riders who take the top five positions in the pursuit race series two days in a row will win the Bravado Youga Classic.

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Finally, we remind you to make sure you have space to accumulate and sell merchandise: both warehouses and export warehouses cost 30% less this week. Also, calling Imani and requesting her services (Hide and Seek, Request Motorcycle) to stay one step ahead of the competition will be 75% cheaper.

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