“Never die”; Oribe Peralta retires from football and is fired in networks

“Never die”;  Oribe Peralta retires from football and is fired in networks

This day, Oribe Peralta, recognized forward of the Mexican Soccer Team, announced his retirement from soccer and, as expected, social networks are firing him with multiple messages.

2022 starts with everything: with the Omicron variant, it caused a new chaos in the pandemic world, with which, in addition, the idea of ​​returning to confinement and canceling, once again, events that were already confirmed has been rethought in some countries.

Among all the news that have surprised at the beginning of this new year, today, the already legendary Mexican soccer striker, Oribe Peralta, who lived his best times with Club Santos Laguna and with Club América, announced with an emotional message in their social networks.

The now former striker for Chivas, the team in which he ended his career, wrote the following on his platforms:

“19 years of wearing the professional coat, plus a lifetime of dedication and devotion. This is my way of saying goodbye and, above all, of thanking you, my hobby, and each one of the people who made this dream possible. They are worth Gold! “

The post, as expected, has gone viral on their networks and is receiving all kinds of comments and reactions from both their followers and their detractors.

Oribe Peralta culminates a career full of great moments, ups and downs, but probably a stint at Chivas that disappointed locals and strangers.

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Of course, within the immense sea of ​​farewell tweets that have been dedicated to Oribe, one of the ones that has attracted the most attention is that of the TV Azteca chronicler, Christian Martinoli, who always spoke out in favor of the forward in each of your broadcasts.

With a tweet in which he wrote “never die”, one of his most iconic phrases, Martinoli entered the trend that generated this day the announcement of Oribe Peralta’s retirement.

Undoubtedly, the passage of Oribe Peralta in Mexican soccer will be remembered by the fans, but also by his many teammates and teams with whom he played, who, of course, today have dedicated a few words to the footballer.

Social networks were an important piece to position the forward, since several of his achievements were replicated by hundreds of Internet users, as well as by figures of the stature of Christian Martinoli, among others.

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