Movie Review – MHA: World Heroes Mission

Movie Review – MHA: World Heroes Mission

During the last years, My hero academia has positioned itself as one of the most popular action shonen anime and manga in the world. This is not an unexpected situation. Kōhei Horikoshi, the mangaka responsible for this work, has managed to give us a story that takes the best elements of this genre and wraps them in a very interesting universe, with powers that let the consumer’s imagination fly, and a great repertoire of characters that have been stolen the hearts of all fans. Before the adventure of Deku and the rest of the students of 1-A has its inevitable end, a third animated film has reached national and international theaters to show that My hero academia It is still as popular today as it was in 2014.

Along with anime and manga that have been well received by the public, Horikoshi’s work has made it to the big screen on three occasions in particular. The first of these, Two heroes, was given the task of exploring a facet of the relationship between Midoriya and All Might that had not been seen in the main story. On the other hand, Heroes Rising was commissioned to do something similar, but between our protagonist and Bakugo. Now, in 2021 it was released My Hero Academia: World Heroes Mission, which has finally reached our territory, both in its original version in Japanese with subtitles, as well as an edition dubbed into Latin American Spanish.

In the first instance, World Heroes Mission It looks like a continuation of the previous two films, in the sense that it would explore the relationship between Deku, Shoto and Bakugo, something that we saw during the last season of the anime, and it is increasingly important in the manga. However, the result could surprise, or even disappoint, more than one. Is My Hero Academia: World Heroes Mission the movie that fans were waiting for? Does this film manage to be on par with what we are seeing with other animes in the cinema? Discover the answers to these and more questions in our Atomix Movie Review.

Known fundamentals

Similar to the previous two anime films, World Heroes Mission it does not have any kind of impact on the main events that are currently unfolding in the main continuity. However, this does not mean that anyone can enjoy this tape without prior knowledge. These events take place after the fifth season, and before the sixth begins, and can be considered a special adventure of Deku, Shoto and Bakugo training with Endeavor. Still, do not expect conflicts that arise in this way to have any repercussions on what we will see in the future.


In World Heroes Mission, a terrorist organization, known as Humarise, has threatened the whole world with a series of bombs capable of eradicating people with quirks. This is where all the heroes we know enter the scene. To combat this group, various groups have been created, made up of UA professionals and students, who are placed in various countries, such as Egypt or France. However, Deku and company are sent to the fictional nation of Otheon. Here, our protagonist meets Rody Soul, a little thief who, by a mistake, ends up in the possession of a very precious object by Humarise. After a series of unfortunate events, Midoriya is accused of murdering various people, and is forced to escape from Otheon with Rody.

The premise that presents us World Heroes Mission it is extremely interesting. Although the previous films also offer some type of event capable of destroying the society of heroes, they were directly related to All for One, the main antagonist, in this new film this is not the case. Flect Turn, the villain in this film, feels like a very good extension of the world that Horikoshi created. His motivations are clear, empathetic, they follow the logic of this universe, and he could well be on a par with personalities like Destro or Oji Harima. Along with this, the idea of ​​traveling to other countries and meeting some of the heroes of other nations is something that not even the current manga has touched on efficiently, outside of the participation of characters like Captain Celebrity or Stars and Stripes.


Sure, not everything is perfect. Unlike Heroes Rising, the previous film of My hero academia, here there is not a good balance between Deku and the rest of the characters. Although one might come to think that Bakugo and Shoto are important, this because they are present in basically all the promotional material, their participation is miniscule, and they are relegated to being cannon fodder during the climax of the adventure. This is a bit disappointing when we consider that Heroes Rising he spent a good time with the rest of class 1-A.

Instead, World Heroes Mission decides to give great weight to Rody, who becomes the heart of this film, manages to encapsulate the positive values ​​of the work, and has become one of the most loved characters by the community. While Rody’s personality falls into many clichés throughout the film, it is his portrayal and script that make him endearing who is able to stand face to face with Deku and his desire to save everyone’s smile. world. We may not see this character again, but he has made his mark within the world of My hero academia.


Sure, at the end of the day the story presented to us here is inconsequential. It does not have any repercussions, it is not canon, and it may well disappear, but this does not detract from the fact of the good work that was presented here. If you have the mindset that World Heroes Mission does not have an impact on the current manga or anime, you will surely have some problem with the way the events are carried out. However, if you are willing to experience a new look at the world of My hero academia, then it is very likely that this movie is to your liking.

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Competing with the major leagues

One of the important factors when talking about an anime is, well, the animation. With each passing year, the studios in charge of Shonen adaptations increase the quality of his works. MAPPA did a phenomenal job with Jujutsu Kaisen Y Attack on Titan, and Ufotable continues to raise the bar substantially with Demon slayer. However, Bones, who are in charge of My hero academia, they are rarely mentioned in this conversation. This is not because of its quality, but because Horikoshi’s work is more focused on the emotions behind a fight, and not so much in a bombastic combat. In this way, movies are always the perfect place to show their potential, and with World Heroes Mission They have made it clear.

The various sections of action are dynamic, fast and every hit feels spectacular. On this occasion, scenes such as the persecution between Deku and Rody at the beginning stand out, which constantly moves the camera and makes great use of the roofs of the city, as well as its alleys, so that the skills of these two characters shine. Also worth mentioning is the fight between heroes and villains in the mountains. However, it is the final confrontations that stand out in this section.


While Bakugo and Shoto have their moments, especially the blast hero who makes great use of all his abilities and the stage he’s in to emerge victorious, it’s the fight between Deku and Flect Turn that takes the cake. . Although the first minutes of this confrontation do not stand out much, once Midoriya begins to use more and more the power of One for All, we see a couple of sections that demonstrate the talent of Bones, they are as impressions as the confrontation against Overhaul , and they paint a pretty interesting future for the future of anime.

Ruining the experience

However, not everything is as good as it should be, and this is where you need to talk about dubbing. Since the Latin Spanish version reached the anime via Funimation, fans have complained about the way certain characters were treated and, it is regrettable to report, that this is the case with the film. The work he carried out is not so bad in some cases, characters like Rody, Shoto and Hawks have quality behind them, but the rest leaves much to be desired. This is a drawback mainly with Deku, who receives a treatment that fails to capture the tenderness, dedication, and inner peace that Daiki Yamashita does in Japanese. Instead, Sebastián Gabriel Reggio is not Midoriya. This is a repeat case with Endeavor and more.


It’s honestly a shame, and someone who likes it tells themYou can see anime dubbed into Latin American Spanish. Dubbing makes the experience not as good as it can be, and it all boils down to scenes and conversations that you just wished would end so you wouldn’t have to hear their voices. Again, this is a mixed job. There are some actors who are good choices for the role, but most feel like people who are just beginning their careers, and they are not on par with what even Netflix offers.

Apart from that, once again, the Yuki Hayashi soundtrack manages to substantially elevate all the emotional and action scenes by offering the perfect companion for every occasion, without forgetting the leitmotif that has so characterized this anime.

Mission accomplished?

scoreatomixmovies_3The question is:My Hero Academia: World Heroes Mission Is it on par with what is seen in other contemporary anime films? In a way, this film feels like a look into the past. Demon Slayer: Mugen Train Y Jujutsu Kaisen 0 they have managed to demonstrate that cinema is a perfectly valid medium for telling stories that continue the main narrative of an anime, or in the case of Gege Akutami’s work, that they are a preamble. This is something that has been a hit with the critics and especially at the box office. However, Bones’ new job decides to go for the traditional and not offer something substantial to the viewer, something that could clearly be noticed during his performance in Japan. While it wasn’t a disaster, the numbers don’t compare to what the two previously mentioned feature films accomplished.

At the end of the day, this does not detract from the present work. The action is top notch, proving that the studio is capable of creating quite interesting sequences. The story that is presented to us, while basic and cliché in the general framework, has a number of interesting ideas that will be captivating for fans of this work. Unfortunately, the Latin dubbing makes the experience not as good as it could be, and on more than one occasion it ends up ruining some sections. Similarly, its nature as a non-canon chapter means that the full potential of this adventure cannot be completed.

All those who are fans, surely they already saw World Heroes MissionBut if you’re not completely convinced yet, this movie won’t make you change your mind.