Monument Valley 2 has been updated 4 years after its release, and it does so for a good cause.

Monument Valley is one of the best games ever made for mobile devices, and the second version of the popular puzzle game has just been released. update four years after release to add an extra chapter. This new chapter is called “The Lost Forest” and has been developed to try to protect nature.

As part of the Green Game Jam of the Playing for the Planet initiative, Monument Valley 2 has been updated with “four intimate scenes” that you will surely like if you enjoyed the popular game.

The Lost Forest is a chapter that we have created to help protect the trees, as part of the Green Game Jam of the Playing for the Planet initiative. With these four intimate scenes, we hope to inspire you to sign the Play4Forests petition and declare our common interest in conserving forests. We hope you enjoy the new update and join us in helping protect our forests.

Play4Forest is an initiative that try to protect the world’s forests, who are in serious danger: “Our forests, one of our best allies in the fight against the climate emergency, are facing increasing threats.” This chapter of Monument Valley tries to support this initiative that we can support by downloading the game.

The game keeps its price of 1.99 euros, and it is one of the recommendations of the App Store, if at the time you did not download it, now you can enjoy it more. And if you downloaded it at the time, maybe it’s time to play again after this update.

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If you’re Apple Arcade subscriber You will be able to play Monument Valley + with your subscription, which is also a good opportunity to play this unique, well-designed game.

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