MissWarmJ Ganyu cosplay from Genshin Impact in ASMR

MissWarmJ Ganyu cosplay from Genshin Impact in ASMR

The asian cosplayer MissWarmJ he is distinguished by the large number of his cosplays and among the best he has done are those of Genshin Impact characters. One of the most popular characters is Ganyuwho was excellently portrayed by MissWarmJ and even did an ASMR session in character.

Since the release of Genshin Impact, Ganyu has become one of the most popular characters for both players and cosplayers, as he has been present in the game since version 1.0 and was one of the first playable characters from version 1.0 onwards. version 1.2. Every time MissWarmJ shares a picture cosplaying Ganyu, she is amazed at how similar he is.

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We first saw MissWarmJ cosplaying as Ganyu in mid-February, but over the course of the past month we’ve seen several posts with photos and clips of her cosplaying. That’s not all, as MissWarmJ presented an ASMR using her Ganyu cosplay, so you can see her in motion and hear her speak in character.

The reception of MissWarmJ’s Ganyu cosplay has been extremely positive, with comments on her ASRM video and social media posts abounding with praise for her resemblance to the character. If you ever wanted to see what Ganyu would look like in a Genshin Impact live-action, MissWarmJ gives us a good idea.

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If you like MissWarmJ’s style for cosplaying, I invite you to follow her on her social networks, because in the years she has been dedicating herself to cosplay, she has played dozens of characters from video games, anime, and manga. If you like MissWarmJ’s Ganyu cosplay, I invite you to check out Eula’s cosplay that she presented recently.

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