Mines of Dalarnia, a metaverse that pays players in cryptocurrencies, launches a free version of the game

Mines of Dalarnia, a metaverse that pays players in cryptocurrencies, launches a free version of the game

The development team of the metaverse Mines of Dalarnia, a Binance-backed play-to-earn game, has announced the release of a free version for players who wish to join the platform. In addition, the team highlighted that they have been making progress on version 2.0 of the platform.

However, the developers stressed that in the free version, many features will be limited. To access the full game, players will need to purchase the NFT Mining Passport.

These NFTs will sell for around $20 and will be available before the game launches. They will be hosted on the Binance Smart Chain and will be tradable on the secondary market like any other NFT.

Players without an NFT Mining Passport will be limited to a single planet with a limited number of plots that will only provide the most basic materials. The mining plots acquired during the first land sale in January 2022 will all be on Planet Earth Prime. This planet will be the first available to holders of the NFT Mining Passport.

“Although the Mining Passport system has a small upfront cost for players, we believe it has several competitive advantages over other games and metaverses, as in many battle and card games, the upfront costs to purchase a ‘team’ can quickly reach hundreds or even thousands of dollars. In MOD, the initial costs of all are the same: about 20 dollars, “says the team.

Mines of Dalarnia version 2.0

According to an official statement from the game’s development team, one of the main changes in version 2.0 will be the introduction of land sales in NFT. However, only 20% of the plots available in the game will go to the public and the rest will be considered private plots and will not be sold to fans of the game.

In addition, unlike what happens in metaverses like Decentraland or The Sandbox, in the case of Mines of Dalarnia, the lots will not be open, that is, the buyer will not be able to undertake the lot in the way they want and distribute the rewards and objects if you want. In the game, each batch will have certain restrictions.

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One of them is related to resources for players to progress through the game. Although each lot is open and acts as a starting point in the game for new players, these lots will only be able to house resources in common NFTs.

Therefore, if a player wants to progress far in the game, they will need rare resources that are only found on privately owned land.

Each lot in the Mines of Dalarnia has three depths that players should be aware of before they start mining, as deeper depths mean higher rewards, but also higher potential for catastrophe.

Thus, players need higher level equipment to venture into the deeper places of plots, which also have their own biome and selection of resources.

The owners of the Mines of Dalarnia parcels receive a percentage of the objects mined on their land, but just like in the physical world, by allowing mining on their land, the owners are also depleting the resources available on the site.

Therefore, the game team revealed that, over time, the available resources on a parcel decrease as more miners use it. Thus, owners who do not keep their plot “up to date” will lose tenants and resources

To replenish the resources of a parcel, the owner of the parcel must use a consumable called a “terraforming capsule”, which in turn is created only by players who have a certain combination of resources and who must also pay a fee in DAR tokens.

Once minted, these capsules can be used by the player himself or sold to other players and land owners.