The design lines in Windows 11 have changed. No more square and rough elements to allow for more curved finishes and an overall revamped design. Now, Microsoft To-Do has been updated and incorporates the new design into the app.

Microsoft To-Do already has a design according to Windows 11

With the new update Microsoft To-Do adopts WinUI 2.6, rounded corners, but for now we do not have the Mica effect available. This is an effect by which the app takes the color of the background behind it. It consumes less resources than the Acrylic effect of Windows 10 with a very nice visual style.

How could it be otherwise Microsoft To-Do has quickly embraced the WinUI 2.6 styleWe have always said that you have to lead by example and the new graphic style suits you wonderfully.

It is especially noticeable the new layout in the scroll bar or search drawer. They both have a very different visual style. Of course, as we already indicated the Mica effect has yet to reach To-Do. But with how fast these people work it shouldn’t take long to get it on board.

It has all the earmarks of the title bar in the application is gray again because the entire gray area will take on the Mica effect. Thus, all that area will take the tonality of our background. A few more details remain to be polished, but the look is interesting.

The bet much more visual in Windows 11. Every animation and every time we interact we notice the affection that Microsoft has given to the details. Yes, there is still a long way to go, but the change is noticeable and that is appreciated.

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