Mexican nursing staff will receive the DAISY Award

Mexican nursing staff will receive the DAISY Award

It is impossible to deny the importance of healthcare workers during the current Covid-19 pandemic. Thanks to his work, the recovery of millions of patients has been achieved. In addition, they have also helped to treat other types of diseases. For this reason, TecSalud announced that this year it will recognize the country’s nursing staff with the DAISY Award (Disease Attacking The Immunological System). It is an award that honors the great work of those who risk their lives for the lives of others.

This is an unprecedented event. It will also be the first medical institution in the northern region of the country to join the efforts made by daisy foundation, an international organization that through this recognition expresses its gratitude to nurses. According to the founders, the award seeks to make visible the “unforgettable impact” that the care of each of them has on patients and families.

During the presentation ceremony, which took place in the facilities of the San José and Zambrano Hellion hospitals, Sven Boes, General Director of Hospitals TechHealth, commented that the DAISY Foundation expresses its gratitude to nurses through programs that recognize them for the extraordinary, skillful and compassionate care they provide to patients and their families.

“The goal of this program is to ensure that nurses understand how much they deserve our deep respect and admiration for the preparation, training, brainpower, skills and dedication they put into their work and especially for the care they provide with their care. In a few words, it is a recognition of the extraordinary work that each one of them does.”

How will the winners be chosen?

To select the nursing staff, every month and for a year, a committee of seven TecSalud directors highlights 3 stories that reflect the values ​​of DAISY Award and the Institution. On this occasion, it will be in May when the award ceremony will take place.

Likewise, to choose the nurses, TecSalud is based on the “I CARE” program, which reflects the exceptional and empathetic work that the nursing team has towards the patient and their family:

  • CI treat my patients compassionately
  • ORI use best clinical practices
  • II interact empathically with my patient and their family
  • DI develop a multidisciplinary collaborative work environment
  • ORI carefully observe all the details of my patient and act
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In this regard, the teacher Leticia Solís Domínguez, director of Nursing at TecSalud, commented that this international program will serve to systematize in the Institution the recognition of the nurses who give their lives every day for the patients of the Hospital San José and Zambrano Hellion . He added that significant acknowledgments help improve work environments, as they become an incentive for everyone who works in the organization.

What is the Daisy Award?

The DAISY Award was created in memory of J. Patrick Barnes, who died at the age of 33 from an autoimmune disease. The Barnes family was so amazed and moved not only by the excellent clinical skill that the nurses brought to Patrick’s condition and treatment, but especially by the compassionate manner in which the nurses provided his care. This award was a way of giving thanks to the compassionate care not only of Patrick’s nurses, but of those around the world.

This foundation is a leader in the recognition of nursing staff and the expression of gratitude will always help to remember the unforgettable impact of the care they give to their patients and families and inspire nursing to provide extraordinary care, not only in their minds, but also in their hearts.

Currently, more than 5,000 health centers and nursing schools in 30 countries are committed to honoring their nursing team with the DAISY award. Today, there are more than 167 thousand registered nurses and nurses.

Finally, it should be noted that this recognition will be permanent at TecSalud, as it reminds these anonymous heroes why they became nurses, promoting loyalty, gratitude and teamwork.