Meta continues its expansion across Web 3.0 with the announcement that NFTs will appear on Facebook and connect with Instagram

Meta continues its expansion across Web 3.0 with the announcement that NFTs will appear on Facebook and connect with Instagram

Facebook will support NFTs with a “digital collectibles” tab on creators’ timelines to showcase their work. Meta technical program director Navdeep Singh showed screenshots of NFTs and a creator’s page on Twitter on Thursday.

A spokesperson for Meta, Facebook’s parent company, told TechCrunch the same day that Facebook’s rollout of NFTs would be gradual, starting with select creators in the United States. Over time, NFT creators will be able to cross-post between Facebook and Instagram, another Meta property. Instagram is also testing NFTs on its Spark AR augmented reality platform.

Instagram expanded its testing of US NFTs to international users last week. The app allows NFTs minted on Ethereum and Polygon to be displayed, with other Solana and Flow NFTs planned as well.

Meta announced in May that it was starting to test NFTs on Instagram, and that Facebook would do the same “soon,” according to its CEO, Mark Zuckerberg. Other Meta-owned apps, such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, will eventually have the ability to display NFT, he added.

Facebook was renamed Meta in October 2021. It has made efforts to expand on Web 3.0, but not all of its efforts have been successful. In February, Meta gave up on its attempt to launch the stationary Diem coin after significant opposition from regulators around the world. However, Meta filed trademark applications for a Meta Pay payment platform in May, and Zuckerberg announced on June 22 that Meta Pay would replace Facebook Pay.

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Meta Pay will be available on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, Zuckerberg said. However, a company spokesperson told TechCrunch that Meta “said it will not offer the ability to turn collectible digital posts into ads for now” on Facebook, so it appears that Meta will not be launching the NFT sale there.

The sale of the NFTs is expected to launch on the company’s Meta Quest app store, which supplies apps and games for the Meta metaverse.

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