Negotiations regarding the new engine regulations due to arrive in 2026 continue and each rider begins to play their game of chess. Mercedes has made her priorities clear.

Toto wolff He is an artist when it comes to appearing the most interested in acting for the good of Formula 1, but the truth is that the Austrian never makes concessions without expecting anything in return.

Director of Mercedes has shed some light on the position of the German brand in relation to the new engine regulations that will arrive in 2026 and whose negotiation involves the Renault Group, Ferrari, Honda and the Volkswagen Group, very interested in the premier class.

But, for new brands to enter the Formula 1 As motorcyclists, it is imperative that the engine is simplified and made cheaper, as today’s technology is exceedingly complex and expensive.

“We are ready to facilitate the entry of the Volkswagen Group, but there are other issues in which we must find a compromise”

Recently some keys of the new engine have been revealed and now Toto Wolff has recognized that Mercedes could support the abolition of the MGU-H, the energy recovery system associated with the turbocharger.

“The MGU-H is going to be abandoned if we can agree on many other points. I think it is a commitment that, at least we, cannot speak for anyone else, we are willing to do to facilitate the entry of the Volkswagen Group »says Wolff.

But the Austrian wants to get other things in return and they are nothing more than to prevent new motorists from enjoying less development restrictions. “But there are other issues in which we must find a compromise”.

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Of course, if a consensual agreement is not reached, both Formula 1 and the FIA ​​will act on their own initiative and will draft the regulations they consider appropriate, without the need for it to be supported by the interested parties. ‘If it’s not possible, then we’ll probably go back to governance and we will have to assume the regulations that the FIA ​​and the FOM present for 2026 »Wolff admits.