Men value other attractive men more, but women do not.

Men value other attractive men more, but women do not.

Men, compared to women, they value same-sex friends who are physically striking or stereotypically attractive moreThey are high-status and wealthy and have, to boot, greater access to potential mates.

Conversely, women, compared to men, value female friends who provide emotional support, intimacy, and useful social (gossip) information, as this recent study from January 2022 suggests.

sexual differences and discrimination

The findings of the aforementioned study suggest that the specific qualities of friendship that men and women preferred differed according to gender in a consistent way. with a functional description of friendship.

In other words, men and women have different ways of conceptualizing the world and different strategies for approaching the opposite sex and their own. For this reason it is utopian to aspire to gender equality or non-discrimination (because of gender or any other factor). For example, ugliness is a condition that causes a wage gap, greater probability of entering prison, social exclusion, child rejection, less probability of being helped, greater propensity to commit crimes…

Legal equality can be aspired to, but social equality would require an interventionism in which freedom would be totally or partially annulled. Seeking equality between the sexes and not discrimination is the same as searching under the prism of other conditions: height, beauty, stutter, strabismus, and even sympathy. You can expand a little on it in the following interview: